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Pre Account Opening

hand-pointer Always deal only with SEBI registered intermediaries / authorized persons. Check with the Exchange to see whether the member is registered with the Exchange.

hand-pointer Please carry out due-diligence before registering as client with any Intermediary. Further, you are requested to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions and the contents stated in the Risk Disclosure Document, which forms part of investor registration requirement for dealing through brokers in Stock Market.

Account Opening

hand-pointer Read and understand every document in the Registration Kit carefully before signing.

hand-pointer Enter accurate and complete details in Know Your Client (KYC) form, fill up all the fields and provide all the required attachments. Do not leave any spaces blank.

hand-pointer The correspondence address should always be updated.

Pre Trading

hand-pointer Adopt trading / investment strategies commensurate with your risk bearing capacity, as all investment carry risk, the degree of which varies according to the investment strategy adopted.

hand-pointer Assess risk - return profile of the investment as well as the liquidity and safety aspects before making and / or acting upon your investment decision.

hand-pointer Familiarize yourself with the rules, regulations and circulars issued by stock exchanges / SEBI before carrying out any transaction.

hand-pointer Please be informed that there are no guaranteed return on investment in stock market investment in Capital Market is subject to market risk.


hand-pointer Before placing an order with the market intermediaries please check about credentials of the companies, its management, its fundamentals and recent announcements made by them and various other disclosures made under various Regulations. The sources of information are the website of Exchanges and companies, databases and data vendor, business magazines etc...

hand-pointer Call on the landline number of your local branch and give clear and unambiguous instruction while placing order over the phone. In case you visit the branch office, kindly give your orders in writing.

hand-pointer Please bear in mind that while it is our endeavor to inform you in case of a margin call, it is your responsibility to maintain margins. The Company will square up outstanding position in case of shortfall in margin and delay in payments.

Post Trading

hand-pointer Always insist on contract notes from your Broker. In case of doubt of your transactions, verify the genuineness of the same on the Exchange website.

hand-pointer Always insist on periodical statements of your ledger.

hand-pointer It is advisable to provide us your valid e-mail account so that your contact notes are posted on the same day of trading

hand-pointer Always settle the dues through the normal banking channels with the market intermediaries

hand-pointer Always issue cheques/ drafts in the trade name of the trading member from your own bank account only and deliver securities into the pool account of the trading member from your own beneficiary account only

hand-pointer Please insist for an official receipt for all payments made by you to the trading member either by cheque or demand draft. You should mention your trading code and segment for which the payment is made on the reverse of the instruction.

hand-pointer Please insist for a statement of account at regular intervals and check for all the entries therein. Any discrepancies should be brought to the notice of higher authorities at the office.


Account Opening

hand-pointer Do not start trading until you have read and understood the Risk Disclosure Document and Member-Client Agreement.

hand-pointer Do not fill in wrong or incomplete details. Do not overwrite, cancel, mis-spell the details.

Pre Trading

hand-pointer Do not deal with any third party / unregistered intermediaries / authorized person.

hand-pointer Do not be influences by information which is not originated from an appropriate source.

hand-pointer Do not be misled by rumors or tips.

hand-pointer Do not get carried away by luring advertisements, if any, media reports on corporate developments, as they could be misleading.

hand-pointer Do not undertake deals on behalf of others

hand-pointer Do not fall prey to promises of guaranteed returns.

hand-pointer Do not blindly imitate investment decisions of others who may have profited from their investment decisions.

hand-pointer Do not leave signed blank Delivery Instruction Slips (DIS) of your depository account.

hand-pointer Do not sign blank Delivery Instruction Slips (DIS) and keep them with the Depository Participant or broker to save time.


hand-pointer Do not reveal your password to any other person.

hand-pointer Do not forget to take note of risks involved in the investment.

Post Trading

hand-pointer Do not accept unsigned / duplicate contract note / confirmation memo.

hand-pointer Do not make payment in cash / delivery of securities from any account other than own beneficiary account.

hand-pointer Do not delay payment / deliveries of securities of Brokers / Sub-broker.

hand-pointer Do not make payment of money / delivery of securities in the personal account of the authorized persons / sub-broker / employees of the trading member.